Monday, 6 June 2011

Head Sculpting Week 1

I started a life sculpting class earlier in May at AUCB. Its a head sculpting class where we can sculpt anyone of our choice from a photograph. I chose to sculpt louise a fellow illustrator, we are both attending the course so thought this would be a good opportunity as we will always have reference to each other. Here is a link to the Life sculpting short course page
I haven't got any photographs from the first class as this was just making the armature and filling out with clay. I will post my progress on this blog.

Head Sculpting Week 2

In the first lesson we were given a set of calipers to measure our model, this then gave us a structure to work to. In the second lesson I managed to add some of the basic features after padding out the head, taking away and adding clay to meet the measurements.

Later on in the lesson I added the ears.

Head Sculpting Week 3

This week I started to refine the features.

I then put louises glasses on the model to see if there was a likeness and to check for size.

Head Sculpting Week 4

This week I redid the eyes and moved the mouth several times.

At this point I had moved the lips down but they were still in the wrong place, they took some tweeking but finally ended up like this.

Head Sculpting Week 5

Week 5 was supposed to be that last day of the course but it got extended to have an extra week this ment I still had time to refine the features as I was still not happy with the eyes.

Head Sculpting Week 6

Here is my head sculpt of louise finished, I will be uploading better photos soon.